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EZTV was created in response to the forced removal of TVTorrents.tv, and tenet due to a lawsuit. NovaKing formed the organization with a loose coalition of volunteers, and it has no formal ties to its forerunners

Following the demise of TVTorrents and btefnet, the BitTorrent community felt compelled to create a site that would police its material. Before improvements in community-powered filtering in recent years, the two groups were recognized for never providing any false links. This problem used to be relatively common on public BitTorrent sites. To fill this hole in the public BitTorrent landscape, a group of volunteers convened in the IRC channel #EZTV on the EFnet IRC network to develop a TV torrent group from the ground up.

The goal of EZTV was to form a group that would continue where its two predecessors left off while avoiding the "weak areas" that had brought them down. This meant that EZTV should never host its torrent files, that its leadership structure should be fluid and opaque to avoid being a target for a lawsuit, and that the organization should not host or maintain its tracker.

To avoid "profiting from piracy" litigation, it was also determined that EZTV should be a strictly non-profit organization, with no requests for money of any type from its users and no commercials. This implies that volunteers exclusively staff EZTV. EZTV has been a popular destination for the public torrent scene thanks to its clean, ad-free profile.

EZTV Proxy - Unblock mirror list [December][2023]

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It is terrible that you cannot directly visit the EZTV website if your nation or internet service provider has prohibited it. Even if eztv.io is restricted in your country, there are some workarounds you can try. These proxy servers are located in nations where EZTV is accessible. You can still access EZTV content with these proxies!

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EZTV Proxy Servers

You can connect to EZTV through proxy servers. It acts as a go-between for you and the websites you visit. Depending on their setup, requirements, and corporate policy, proxy servers provide varying performance, safety, and privacy levels.

Your traffic must travel through a proxy server before reaching the appropriate IP if you employ a proxy server. After that, the response is sent back via the same proxy server, and the proxy server then sends the information from the website to you.

Unblock EZTV with VPN

Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is a service offered by numerous businesses that encrypt all your communication, routes it through a VPN server, and swaps out your ISP-provided IP address with a different IP address.

If you are having trouble unblocking EZTV, we advise you to use a VPN, which will safeguard your online anonymity. With a VPN, you can hide your online identity across all web browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Opera. Additionally, you have a choice of IP addresses from several nations.

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Is EZTV down or blocked?

The main url of EZTV is eztv.work

Perhaps your ISP, school, or employer has prohibited it; if so, use one of the proxy sites on the list above to get around the restriction.

EZTV Alternatives

You can download from EZTV alternatives if the EZTV proxy sites listed above are offline or if you can't find the link to the file you need. Although numerous websites provide a large variety of files, games, books, and movies, we acknowledge that EZTV is among the best. Visit our house and make another decision.